Undergraduate Work
From Fall 2000 to Spring 2003 I was a student worker for Dr. Guzik at Louisiana State University. I completed several projects there, including:
  1. Designed & Implemented a server program and CGI client (as well as web pages) for the remote control of a ham radio over the internet, using C++ / VB More Info
  2. Co-design and partial implementation of ". ASCOM compilant drivers for the remote-control of telescope hardware over the internet. More Info
  3. Modified MIT's SRT Radio telescope software for remote-control over the internet. More Info
  4. Administered ~15 Win2k workstations & server. Performed backups, upgrades, software updates...
  5. Assisted with packet radio communications for the ACES project, a project where college students build data-gathering instruments and send them up on a weather balloon.
  6. Web Page creation/maintenance for
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