Pong! (in Verilog!?!)
1. Would you like to play a Game?
The final project of the Verilog course I took during my Spring 2003 semester involved making our own version of Pong . We were given an evaluation board from Altera which contained a seven-segment display, a VGA interface, and two push buttons. Everything else was implemented in Verilog. My version of pong has a few features that were more than what was required:

The following are also possible with my code:

Below is a screenshot from a testbench that I developed. My testbench generated a PNM file and I used the pnmtobmp utility to make a nice BMP....

If you are intersted in the code, I would be happy to show parts of it to you. I used GCC to pre-process my code because the then-current Altera software was extremely buggy when it comes to `defines and functions in Verilog.