My Projects

2009 Added OS From Scratch and Freezer Repair projects.

Dec 2007 This is the link for the 2x2 MIMO DMT Testbed" that I worked on with other graduate students at UT-Austin.

Aug 2006 I have added the ADSL Simulator and Fixed-Point FFT projects that I worked on in Spring 2006. I also added the Ray Tracer project that I completed in Dec 2005.

Jan 2004 : I have added the Superscalar CPU project that I completed in Dec 2003 for a graduate Superscalar Processor Architecture class. Three others and myself designed (in synthesizable Verilog) a 2-Way Superscalar Pipelined processor. When synthesized for a 0.18 micron library (HT018), we found it would be able to run on a 1 GHz clock.

May 2003: I have uploaded the Pong! project that I recently completed in my Verilog class It is a fully synthesiable game that runs on a Xilinx FPGA. I wrote it in strict ADT style, using copious amounts of DEFINEs. The ball, paddle, and walls are all the same object and can be fully modified while the game is running

December 2002 The MP3 Player This was my final project for a senior-level microprocesor interfacing class I took... I used a microcontroller that was probably much less powerful than what was needed. However, it played music successfully.

I was also inspired me to design and implement my own filesystem. I have working C code that on a PC, can Format a drive, Add,List,Read files. It uses the same IO interface that the C code I wrote for the microcontroller uses, so in theory, it should work! However, I have gotten too busy to try it out (:-<.